“‘Chuggedy-chuggedy, chuggedy-chuggedy, chuggedychuggedy, woo-oo, woo-oo.’ That was a train named Sid.

“‘Chuggedy-chuggedy, chuggedy-chuggedy, chuggedychuggedy, woo-oo, woo-oo.’ And that was a train named Spark.

” Sid and Spark love travelling along their tracks, but sometimes the railway tracks need to change direction and the lines have to be properly controlled by the signal man. If the trains ignore the signals to slow down or to stop, this can cause some real problems.

​Find out how Sid and Spark learn to follow the signal man’s flags to help them continue safely and happily on their journey.

​Sid, Spark and the Signal Man addresses such issues as anger management, family problems, bullying, violence, learning self-control, learning rules, working together, developing empathy and much more.